Local Laws/Codes require that work done on buildings (except single family dwellings under 3,500 SF) be under the seal and signature of a licensed architect or engineer. If the work is minor, this requirement may be waived.

Client need and project types require different levels of services, therefore SCOPE OF WORK and FEES and will vary between architects and projects.

To provide a proper fee, we must review the project to determine an accurate SCOPE OF WORK. The more information provided up front, the less chance for fee increases later.

All projects require various services based on both SCOPE OF WORK and CLIENT needs.


  • Design ground up buildings, additions, and renovations
  • Interior Design/Space Planning
  • Review, measure, document, and assess (E)existing conditions of buildings.
  • Review and interpret code issues/zoning ordinances.
  • Provide construction drawings for permitting bidding and construction.
  • Coordinate with Surveyors (FD-SUV), Civil engineers (CE-C), Electrical engineers (CE-E), Mechanical engineers (CE-M), Structural engineers (CE-S), and other outside consultants (CE) to assist in the design of your project.
  • Review and communicate with General Contractor (GC) to assist in the construction of your project.  
  • Work on a broad range of commercial, residential, and industrial projects.
  • Construction field reviews.   
  • Utilize 3-D BIM software.


  • Measure sitework, boundary lines, grade elevations, or locate utilities.  This is required to be provided by a Licensed Surveyor (FD-SUV).
  • Size structure, including beams, footings, framing, etc.   This is required to be reviewed by a Licensed Structural Engineer (CE-S)
  • Size Storm water detention/retention systems, underground pipes, and grading.  This is required to be provided by a licensed Civil Engineer (CE-C). 
  • Electrical load studies, circuit/wire sizing, breaker sizing, AIC, and other electrical work.  This is required be provided by a Licensed Electrical Engineer (CE-E).
  • Size HVAC loads, ductwork, piping, etc.  This is required to be provided by a Licensed Mechanical Engineer (CE-M).
  • Make Blueprints:  We create the plans. They can be printed by most reproduction companies. (RP-D).


  • Graphic below illustrates the design PHASES required for a typical project from conception to construction.   
  • Phases required will vary per project.  
  • Refer to SERVICE LIST for detailed descriptions of all services.

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